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About Ugly Mugs

Ugly Mugs improves the safety of sex workers and reduces crimes committed against them, by bringing sex workers together to share information with each other about potential dangers. We support rights for sex workers, including the right to safety. We record human rights abuses against sex workers. More about our work

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Ugly Mugs is a free service that helps you stay safe at work. All sex workers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden are welcome to sign up. We welcome female, male and trans* workers, indoor and outdoor workers, independent and agency workers, including escorts, dominatrixes and masseuses. More info for sex workers


Ugly Mugs Norden

We work with sex workers to end abuse, crime and violence against sex workers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.  We are a non-religious and non-judgemental not-for-profit technology initiative, working for the good of people in sex work. We work with support organisations and others to ensure better access to justice for sex workers.  We work against trafficking, exploitation and all forms of abuse.